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Why The Student Den - Student Den

Every parent wants to see their child succeed in school. For most of us, this translates into countless hours helping them with their homework. At first, it seems simple enough. Color a few things, counting, matching, and the basics. Then, comes that epic day when your middle-schooler needs help with their algebra homework. If you’ve never seen common core math, then you’ve been spared from hours of trying to figure out why simple multiplication resembles quantum physics. It’s not about adding and subtracting anymore, and even the right answer is wrong if it isn’t found in the right way.

Confused yet? Imagine how your kids feel.

At the Student Den, we’ve made it our mission to make the learning process easier for everyone. No more frustrating conversations about missing assignments or the stress that comes with forcing your kid to sit down and finish their homework. It’s this mindset that’s led to the creation of EmpowerMates—an innovative new system fostering cooperation and peer development.

EmpowerMates are made up of 10th and 11th grade local high school students with strong academic backgrounds and a reputation for emotional maturity. Many are honor students, and all of them are driven to use their talents to help others. EmpowerMates are matched up with students at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels that need a little more attention and guidance to reach their full potential. These students understand the work and know how to make it more accessible to others. When a child isn’t doing well in a subject, it’s fair to assume that they aren’t enjoying it. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to force them to focus on that subject for an hour and a half with a complete stranger. This makes tutoring feel more like a punishment than a way to help.

The Student Den does things differently. We take a more holistic approach to learning and believe in strengthening a student’s knowledge in multiple areas. This allows them to improve where necessary, and to thrive where they’re already doing well. Instead of an hour and a half spent doing something that they dread, an EmpowerMate turns that hour and a half into a positive learning experience.

Each of our EmpowerMates has successfully completed anywhere from 14-20 different high school classes within the last three years. We know that you wouldn’t trust your children with just anyone, and we choose the teens we work with carefully. We promise that your kids won’t come home with multiple piercings and blue hair (unless they showed up that way). These teens know the ropes and understand how to navigate the curriculum in a way that makes more sense. Because of this, they’re capable of coaching a student in nearly every subject. Many of our EmpowerMates may have also had the same instructors as the students that they coach—giving them an advantage when it comes to difficult teachers. Kids battle a lot of distractions. If you’ve ever tried to pry a cell phone from a teenage girl’s hands—and lived to talk about it—then you understand what they’re up against. Between the television, smartphones, tablets, video games, and computers, getting homework done may not rank high on their list of priorities.

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When you drop your child off at the Student Den, you can relax knowing that in an hour and a half, their homework will (likely!) be done, and any questions that they had about the material will have been answered. That’s the beauty of our program. Your child benefits and you get to avoid having to change the WiFi password every time that you want them to focus.

For parents who prefer homeschooling, the Student Den provides a plethora of platforms to make that possible. We can work with correspondence schools from all over the United States to customize a curriculum or to offer you one that fits your child’s unique needs. You’ll have access to expert advice, and superior scheduling services to help you manage the home-schooling experience. 

At a more advanced level, our SAT/ACT Prep program is designed to help your child maximize the skills they already have to improve test scores. We don’t focus on teaching new things, but rather on finding your child’s strengths and using those to develop a strategy that speaks to their needs. Test anxiety is no joke, and the more important the test—the more likely a student is to freeze up at a critical moment. We
work to help your child achieve the best possible score and to reduce the stress that can interfere with their focus.

Empowering Students, Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families.

Meet Our Empowermates TM

The EmpowerMateTM is a student the same age as your child, or just a few years older, who is a peer mentor.

We added the element of the EmpowerMateTM for students who need assistance - whether homework help, study skills, or just plain old emotional support – because we found students want to do better for other students than if it were a parent or another teacher. It's that simple.

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