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Success Stories - Student Den

Angelo Questo has been and remains my favorite colleague. His experience brings a wealth of knowledge to any student he works. He highly competent in all areas of school counseling, but his true passion is college advising. He is humorous, compassionate and relatable to all those around him. His reputation is extraordinary and his hard work consistently results in positive student outcomes. I most admire that Angelo incorporates a family approach when working with students; he treats his clients as if they were his own family. That says a lot about his character and the trust he develops with those he works with. I would highly recommend him to any high school student seeking the advice from a man who knows his way around the college landscape.

B.S. School Counseling, PhD

Mr. Questo has been a tremendous help through the entire college process so far. His connections, competency, experience and advice have gotten me so much farther than the college counselor that is provided by my school. He and I literally spent 4 hours in one session to get as 3 applications completely done. When I left our meeting, I felt relieved that I had finally begun the process of applying to college and will be hearing from the colleges soon. We only have a few more applications and essays to finalize, so I should be done by the middle of October. Thanks to him, I can rest easy knowing that I have represented myself in the best possible light. He is with you every step of the way from essay revisions to application submission. I feel very fortunate to work with Mr. Questo and would definitely recommend him to my friends.


Mr. Questo started as my guidance counselor, but ended up becoming much, much more. I would consider him my friend. While he worked at my high school, he was someone I would easily be able to access if I needed help with something academically, socially or emotionally. Without Mr. Questo, my high school experience would have been much more difficult. I was upset to see him retire this year, but knew his work with students was far from over. If you
decide to work with Mr. Questo, he will totally engage with you and help you attain your college goals. As soon as I began the college application process, I reached out to him and he responded to me immediately. Before I knew it, we had completed 4 applications in which I am now awaiting decisions and it was only the middle of September. He is a firm believer in getting the application in as early as possible. Whatever the question or whatever time of day I always get an answer right away. Mr. Questo has significantly made a difference in my life in many ways, especially with helping me navigate through the college application process. I am very appreciative of his knowledge, expediency, and his concern for my personal well-being. I would enthusiastically recommend him to any high school student seeking admission to college.


“I got 1480: 780 on reading and writing and 700 on math.

Superscored 1510! Thank you SO much, Barton and Student Den.

You’ve been such a great help. Let me know when I can start as an EmpowerMate.

I really owe you one. :)”

Andrew (AJ) B.
Boca Raton, FL

Robert came to us after his first semester of 10th grade. He had below a 2.0 GPA, had failed some classes in the first semester, and his single mom was at her wits end. She went to the guidance counselor at school and the guidance counselor recommended the Student Den. The first week, like most students, Robert did not want to be there. The second week he was more tolerant, and by the third week, he was sold. His grades were improving, the relationship with his mother at home was improving, and his self-confidence was soaring. In the fourth quarter, he got all A’s and one B to end the year. The Student Den and his EmpowerMate™, turned his academic life around in 20 weeks.


Homework was always a stressful struggle in our family. As a full-time working mom I hated our family time was spent arguing! Now homework is done and assignments and tests prepared for, and we can enjoy each other.

Kathy M. (mom)

Thank you so much for all of your help! I don’t know how, but you taught me to get organized. I wouldn’t have gotten through college applications without you, AND I loved that welcome bump in my math scores.

Lauren B. (College Student)

As an EmpowerMate™, I have seen kids improve so much. Students learn more from other students because they learn study skills from someone who has JUST been there, and often we even know the teachers!

Samantha C. (Peer Mentor)

“ The Student Den came into the life of our family at a critical moment. Their caring and thoughtful approach to helping our child reach his potential has been essential to his success. ”

Ezraa K. (Mom)Software

Meet Our Empowermates TM

The EmpowerMateTM is a student the same age as your child, or just a few years older, who is a peer mentor.

We added the element of the EmpowerMateTM for students who need assistance - whether homework help, study skills, or just plain old emotional support – because we found students want to do better for other students than if it were a parent or another teacher. It's that simple.

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