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Safe Learning - Student Den

As schools plan to reopen, parents are asking themselves if it is better to send their children back to school and risk them getting the coronavirus or keeping them at home to do distance learning.

This is not an easy choice. There are so many things to consider. Some kids have existing conditions that prevent going back to school from even being an option – or they have family members at home with serious health concerns that make them very vulnerable. Then there are the parents who want kids to stay at home no matter what but just CAN’T supervise the craziness of virtual learning anymore. Some parents have to go back to work but KNOW their kid’s focus at home will be zilch when their car leaves the driveway (that is if their teenager even can get out of bed!). We are here to help.

We know weighing the risks and benefits is overwhelming and has left many parents uncertain about what to do, especially since school district plans are still fluid. We wish wrapping your kids in a bubble was a viable option to keep them safe, but since that is not practical, the Student Den has created some options for you to consider – and so far, the feedback from parents has been awesome!

We’re hoping you feel the same!


Have your child work with safety top-of-mind and supervised with a tutor on-hand in the Student Den during a window that suits you! 

Maximum ten children per session, very socially distanced, in a space that normally carries 25+students with ease. 
Your child can work in a dedicated educational environment, with temperatures taken upon arrival, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and masks worn by all. 

Wipes, paper towels, disinfectant will be available throughout and everywhere within the Den. A deep clean will occur each evening and a good clean between sessions.

Monday thru Friday:

Choose from:
10 am – 1 pm  10 kids maximum in the Student Den
3 pm – 6 pm   10 kids maximum in the Student Den
Cost: $150 per week for 15 hours…$10.00 per hour


Have your child work supervised, remotely, with a tutor on-hand at home via Zoom and with cell-phone present for questions and communication.

Students can see other kids for motivation and will be able to screen share and communicate with the tutor if needed for assistance. The tutor will encourage the child to keep working through distractions and report to the parent the work and success achieved.

Monday thru Friday:

11 am -1 pm  6 kids max on zoom per tutor     
4 pm – 6 pm   6 kids max on zoom per tutor


11 am -1 pm  6 kids max on zoom per tutor

Cost: $120 per week for 10 hours

Here are just some of the programs we can work with your child through successfully. Give us a call if you are unfamiliar with any of them and want to learn more. There is a methodology that will best fit the personality and learning style of your child – and we are here to guide and assist.

  • FLVS FLEX (Partial courseload. Most popular) 
    A note: Work at your own pace method
  • FLVS Full Time  
    A note: Students must attend classes online daily…follows the Palm Beach County school calendar. Excellent to stay on top of high-school, but students must be motivated at least to plug in the daily work and effort. NOT an impossible feat, we have dozens and dozens of success stories –  just some dedication required.  
  • James Madison High School
    A note: Online and at your own pace and enables your child to receive a High School diploma. Similar to FLVS full-time, but at a self-directed pace. Important to create and stick to a schedule or the forward motion can be slow. 
  • K-12 Education
  • Edgenuity
  • Laurel Springs High School
  • & other options are available.

Meet Our Empowermates TM

The EmpowerMateTM is a student the same age as your child, or just a few years older, who is a peer mentor.

We added the element of the EmpowerMateTM for students who need assistance - whether homework help, study skills, or just plain old emotional support – because we found students want to do better for other students than if it were a parent or another teacher. It's that simple.

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