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8 Aug
School Board approves early start next year despite pleas from Parents

It was the well-to-do vs. the working poor in a debate Wednesday over Palm Beach County’s school calendar. Score one for the workers. The School Board agreed 4-3 to start


  • 08-08-2019
19 Jul
100+ Things for Teens to Do This Summer

Summer is already about halfway done! Can you believe it?  If you’re a teenager you’ve probably got tons of spare time, but you just don’t know what to do with


  • 07-19-2019
13 Jun
Top 10 Homework Tips

Now that it’s summertime it’s the perfect time to reflect on what can be done more effectively this fall! Come to think of it, at the Student Den we always


  • 06-13-2019
16 May
Exam prep: How students can improve study skills, learn more in less time

It’s the homestretch of the school year, and with that comes lots of tests and final exams. So, what does it take to ace these exams? It’s not just the


  • 05-16-2019
21 Dec
EmpowerMates: Empowering Your Learner

There are a number of elements that set Student Den apart from other, similar tutoring agencies. Whether it be our specialty in understanding the SATs and ACTs or our hugely popular and successful


  • 12-21-2018
20 Nov
Stress-Free SATs & ACTs

There is no doubt that high school can be a stressful time for teenagers. From the demands of school teams, clubs and academics, it often feels like your teenager is


  • 11-20-2018
25 Sep
Successful Habits for Every Student

The new school year is well underway, and it is possible that students are seeing the shiny gleam of a new school year begin to dull. After the initial excitement


  • 09-25-2018
5 May
Homeschooling could be the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century — here are 5 reasons why

Homeschooling isn’t what it used to be. What largely started in the 1980s and ’90s as a way for Catholic parents to infuse religion into their kids’ education now has more mainstream


  • 05-05-2018
21 Mar
Kiplinger’s Best College Values, 2018

By KAITLIN PITSKER, On, February 2018 We name 300 standout public and private schools, based on quality and affordability. This year, Princeton, Davidson and the University of North Carolina at Chapel


  • 03-21-2018

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