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19 May
Obama, Malala, Jonas Brothers Send Off Class Of 2020 In Virtual Graduation

Celebrities, activists, artists and students themselves recognized America’s 3 million-plus graduating high school seniors in a widely broadcast ceremony on Saturday night, after the coronavirus crisis robbed the class of


  • 05-19-2020
23 Apr
Is Your Teen Struggling with Online Learning? Six Things They Can Do to Get Through This

Here at the Student Den, we know how tough it may be for a lot of families to come together during this time and not only have to work from


  • 04-23-2020
3 Mar
Bed Party for a College Decision: Yes, It’s Really a Thing

We can help your sons and daughters get INTO their colleges and universities of choice. SAT, ACT, college guidance and applications — even the high school course selections that precede


  • 03-03-2020
17 Feb
How to Help When Your Teen Falls Behind in School

As we start to get knee-deep in school this term you may already see the signs of your child being swallowed up in scholastic quicksand! Take a look at these


  • 02-17-2020
13 Jan
Teen Parenting Tips (13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18-Year-Olds)

We know parenting a teen is a bumpy ride, and NO article will ease that discomfort completely. We like this article for bringing you back to the center, though. If you’ve


  • 01-13-2020
18 Dec
Tips to Improve Your Memory

In terms of improving memory, most of us prioritize the input of new information. However, it’s equally important to understand how to forget less information. In other words, retention and acquisition go


  • 12-18-2019
7 Nov
How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Most high school and college students experience some level of exam jitters. Learn how to overcome them and make school life easier. If we can help with test prep –


  • 11-07-2019
22 Oct
Florida is home to some of nation’s best business colleges, according to US News & World Report

Florida has five of the Top 150 business colleges in the nation, according to the new U.S. News & World Report annual rankings of best colleges. In addition to ranking


  • 10-22-2019
2 Sep
Your Penny at Work

The School District of Palm Beach County continues to put its share of the one-cent sales tax to good use. A series of projects is being funded by proceeds from


  • 09-02-2019

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