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Home Sweet Home School - Student Den

19 Sep
Home Sweet Home School

The educational options available to students are as varied as their preferred learning style. Public school, private school, exchange programs and boarding school are some of the options available to students as they pursue their education.  One method of schooling you may not be as familiar with, but that has seen a surge in families enrolling in, is homeschooling.  If this is news to you, you may be wondering why more students are choosing this option. Why a student and their family may choose homeschooling is unique to each student’s situation, but ultimately it provides more flexibility for the student’s needs and lifestyle.

Athletic Training: Premiere athletes dedicate as much time as possible to their training and often traditional school hours conflict with the demands of their sport. Between practices, nutritional regiments, time spent in the gym and competitions, athletes find it hard to balance the demands of both school and sport. Home school allows student athletes to dedicate the time necessary to their sport, while still investing the required hours needed to obtain academic credits. By being able to study and learn on a flexible schedule, student athletes find that homeschooling allows them to be successful both on the field and in the classroom.



Bullying and Social Anxiety: Despite teacher and administrator’s best efforts, bullying still exists within schools. When experienced, bullying becomes an all encompassing issue for the student who is dealing with it. When students are worried about the conflict they are in with others, it affects both their health and their academic performance. Similarly, for students who experience social anxiety, attending school everyday can be daunting and intimidating. For these students, making it through the day becomes the priority; which may make it difficult for them to achieve the marks that are indicative of their abilities. In these situations, homeschooling provides a safe and familiar environment where students can focus on their studies and not tension and anxiety.



Early Graduation: When students are on the homeschooling program, it allows them to work through the material at a pace that is comfortable for them. Students work through the material as they are ready, which for many students means that they can fast track and graduate early. Homeschooling makes this possible because students are no longer waiting for the rest of the class to complete an activity before they can move on; they are able to learn at a pace that is designed for them. For homeschooling Student Den student Brooklyn B, age 17, she found that homeschooling allowed her to “be my most productive self, which led to my early graduation.”

The reasons for homeschooling are as diverse as the student and we are here to help! We can support your student in a way that is fully customized for them! With flexible hours, programs and services we take the time to learn about your student and their scholarly needs.

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