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Homeschooling & FLVS

Homeschooling might not be limited to what you think it is!

There are a vast array of different ways to "homeschool" a student and many scenarios where homeschooling may be better for your child.
Homeschooling does not necessarily mean that your student is schooled at home. There are many avenues that one can reach a goal without placement in the public or private school environment. For example, if your child is struggling in high school at any level there are a plethora of ways to assist that child.

Some reasons why parents homeschool:

  • Students can learn more about what they really care about.
  • Students don't deal with cliques or bullying, or other safety and health concerns parents and kids may have.
  • Social media gives kids a way to form lasting friendships.
  • The classroom can be limiting, where many feel homeschooling and online forums open up the whole world
  • Different styles of learning can be more easily accommodated, one-on-one and at a student's desired pace
  • A child may have a health issue where going to school is not easy or possible
  • A child may be training at a high level of (travel) competition for a sport, theater, or another endeavor
  • A family may travel extensively
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There are many online platforms - such as FLVS and dozens of others - that can be utilized to obtain goals, many different tools that we can show you. We are familiar with all of the top platforms.

Every child is different. One platform may work well with one child and another platform for another child.

We are happy to sit down with you to answer your questions and go over your options.

The Student Den has taken hundreds of kids through their high school graduation, supporting curriculum and study habits to ensure that a student gets the most from their homeschooling.  We make it so that you don't have to sweat trying to remember honors trig when they may need support, nor do you have to brace for arguments on whether they have completed their daily assignments. Not only do we help you with curriculum choices, but also platform choices, supportive tools, tutoring and outright lesson teaching where necessary, and we can oversee their progress entirely - from wherever you may live.


Whatever you need, we can personalize a program suitable for the unique needs of your child. Let's talk! 561.213.3794

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Meet Our Empowermates TM

The EmpowerMateTM is a student the same age as your child, or just a few years older, who is a peer mentor.

We added the element of the EmpowerMateTM for students who need assistance - whether homework help, study skills, or just plain old emotional support – because we found students want to do better for other students than if it were a parent or another teacher. It's that simple.

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