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Dear Principals & Teachers;
I just want to take a moment of your time to share with you what the Student Den does for students, families, schools and the community.

Actually - let me tell you first what we DON'T do. We don't slot kids into a standardized testing routine where they are then taught rote data to supplement where they didn't test well.

What we DO is we create a strategy based on THEIR way of learning, based on their exact needs and their personal goals.

We then pair them with an EmpowerMateTM. EmpowerMatesTM are the strongest academic students from the local high schools, colleges and universities. They are paired up with other elementary, middle and high school students to empower them to become better students.

When we match those under-performing students with an EmpowerMateTM, he or she becomes a homework helper in all subjects, teaches the students how to manage their time on a weekly basis to become stronger students, shows them how to study, and then a small success (a C to a B on a test) leads to another small success (a B to a B+) on a test and all of a sudden we had an underachieving student who is now believing in themselves, believing in their academic ability, and starting to prosper. EmpowerMatesTM also tend to then naturally befriend the student in school, which has additional positive considerations.

Not only are we looking for you to recommend our services to your families, but also let us know if you have EmpowerMatesTM that would like to earn community service hours or be employed. We only work with EmpowerMatesTM recommended to us from schools, specifically Guidance Counselors or National Honor Society faculty directors. Having the job of EmpowerMateTM is also a awesome title to be able to put on a college resume.

We want to help end the stress for families that you as education professionals hear about so often. We want to help kids get through their schoolwork with as much enjoyment as we can - and we do this with a good long meeting when we first meet them, learning about their needs, goals, and who they are.

We call and communicate with you, if it's desired, to make sure we are working alongside and in support of you and your lesson requirements.

In short, we want each child who walks through our doors to succeed in education and we go the extra mile to make it happen.

Thank you so much. I can't wait to hear from you.

Barton Charlip


Meet Our Empowermates TM

The EmpowerMateTM is a student the same age as your child, or just a few years older, who is a peer mentor.

We added the element of the EmpowerMateTM for students who need assistance - whether homework help, study skills, or just plain old emotional support – because we found students want to do better for other students than if it were a parent or another teacher. It's that simple.

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