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What we can do for you

At the Student Den we help your family with their educational concerns. We'll help you end stress, arguments in your home, the power struggle - and get your child the tools they need to succeed. We will take the time to understand your child's every scholastic need and tailor a program for their specific level and way of learning – no remedial testing to fit them into a standardized category.

THEN we enhance the program by having your child work with an EmpowerMate™, the most powerful method for allowing kids to absorb information: Peer-to-peer mentoring.

  • Complete virtual school support
  • Zen Den™ Homework Hookup for homework help
  • EmpowerMates ™ for peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Private tutoring & certified teachers
  • College application guidance
  • SAT/ACT Coaching

Whether your child just needs their homework to be gently overseen or needs serious extra help, the Student Den has a program to fit their needs, for students in K-12 and beyond.

Try us and you'll be thrilled at the results – with your child's academic success, renewed self-esteem – and the peace your household regains.

Success Stories

Ezra K. (Mom)
The Student Den came into the life of our family at a critical moment. Their caring and thoughtful approach to helping our child reach his potential has been essential to his success.
Samantha C. (Peer Mentor)
As an EmpowerMate™, I have seen kids improve so much. Students learn more from other students because they learn study skills from someone who has JUST been there, and often we even know the teachers!
Lauren B. (College Student)
Thank you so much for all of your help! I don't know how, but you taught me to get organized. I wouldn't have gotten through college applications without you, AND I loved that welcome bump in my math scores.
Kathy M. (mom)
Homework was always a stressful struggle in our family. As a full-time working mom I hated our family time was spent arguing! Now homework is done and assignments and tests prepared for, and we can enjoy each other.
Robert came to us after his first semester of 10th grade. He had below a 2.0 GPA, had failed some classes in the first semester, and his single mom was at her wits end. She went to the guidance counselor at school and the guidance counselor recommended the Student Den.
The first week, like most students, Robert did not want to be there. The second week he was more tolerant, and by the third week, he was sold. His grades were improving, the relationship with his mother at home was improving, and his self-confidence was soaring. In the fourth quarter, he got all A's and one B to end the year. The Student Den and his EmpowerMate™, turned his academic life around in 20 weeks.